Sunday, December 9, 2007

Retail Therapy & Sleeping in on Sunday

So... it doesn't happen very often but Gavin slept over at Grandma and Poppa's last night. Which means, we slept in today. It was delightful and yet I hate to say it, but my heart was yearning for him to be home. It was so bad that I had anxiety driving to go shopping. I kept worrying about him driving home with my parents and something bad happening. I know... crazy but it was awful. I couldn't relax until I knew he was home safe with Daddy. Lucky for me, a little retail therapy was just what I needed.
Yesterday, we shopped all day in Kingston. Shawn's a little like dead weight at times but he picked up the pace yesterday and we accomplished a lot of our holiday shoppping. I don't think he knew what hit him. He kept wondering if there would be time for a nap. I surprised him and drove him around all day so he could relax between stores!
Today I continued the madness. First stop... starbucks with no bank card and therefore no latte! Sad. But things improved once I hit Toys R Us (Gavin's new camera that was a hot request for Santa), Winners (gifts for all the office girls and Suey), Laura Secord (stocking stuffers and candy for Suey), and lastly, Walmart (more stocking stuffers, pictures frames, chocolate/candy, XBox games etc.)! Phew... funny but I felt awesome after all that shopping. It may be sad to say but it really is therapy for me. I just LOVE to shop!
Now I sit... thinking about wrapping, glad my boy is home and in bed, wishing I had one more day to stay home before going back to work. But there's only 10 more work days until Christmas holidays... I think I can hang in there!

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Lisa said...

Sounds like a great day! Isn't it satisfying to check things off your Christmas to-do list? Hope the next 2 weeks fly by! I can't wait for the holidays! :)