Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Star Wars, Mario Kart & Hot Wheels

This Christmas was one of the first that we've really noticed Gavin's interest at a peak. He wanted everything and asked lots of questions this year about Santa. It was really fun to see how excited and interested he was in the whole production.
He was so easy to buy for.... he wanted it all! He was mostly interested in anything Star Wars, Transformers, or Hot Wheels. However, Santa surprised him and brought our whole family a Wii! He didn't really know what a Wii was until he saw Mario Kart! He'd seen this game on a friend's DS and was super thrilled when he realized he had it now too! Needless to say, he's been loving that game ever since. I'm letting him video game binge while it's still the holidays. I figure next week, it's back to school and Sue's. So for this week, he plays Star Wars on his Leapster, Mario on the Wii and takes breaks to race a few Hot Wheels cars. It's a good life for a four year old boy!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Today I nest...

That's right. I am puttering and cleaning and getting organized.

I have cleaned the kitchen cupboards and reorganized the drawers. I purged many unused and unwanted items (about a gazillion sippy cups)! I organized all the small appliances into one area. I decided not to continue with "good" silverware and I've merged the good with the everyday! What's the point of "good"? If it's that good let's use it everyday too!

I puttered in the scrapping room. I'm feeling quite inspired these days but the mess of the room has held me back. Hopefully this new organized space will bring me a few good layouts one day soon!

I sorted through Gavin's playroom and compiled a bag of garbage, a bag to "share" and a bag to store...just in case. Some of those baby/toddler toys are too damn cute to share just yet!

I washed the slipcover for the couch downstairs and started a holiday puzzle, while doing so! (I love a good puzzle!)

I've organized some recipes in the hopes that I will get moving and actually bake something...ha!

I have croissants rising in the kitchen... ready to be baked for Christmas morning- a tradition!

And now... how about another coffee, a gingerbread white chocolate biscotti and a little puzzling!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh what a day...

So here's a little update about the kind of day I'm having today"
  • Gavin set the alarm off in Winners...not the beep beep beep one but the really loud like something bad is happening one!
  • Gavin pounded on the baby powder bottle with a back scratcher(what?) until it was everywhere in the bedroom and all over him!
  • The squirrel "proof" bird feeder has a squirrel sitting IN the feeder eating seed. Nice.

Ugh... it must be cocktail hour!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Prayer for Delaney


This link will connect you to a Facebook group called Prayer For Delaney. Delaney has leukemia. Her mom is a wonderful friend. This news has devastated anyone who knows her. It has crushed me. It breaks my heart. Let the power of our collective prayers pull them through this.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Girlfriends on the Go" to the rescue!

So, recently I read about this book. It's a great idea! Basically, girls get together and decide on a meal that they will each prepare in bulk for all the members of the group. Then we get together again, with drinks and snacks, to exchange our meals!
A couple of weeks ago, we got together and I came home with 2 chicken pot pies, broccoli & cheese soup, cheesy macaroni and chicken bake, ham & potato casserole, and brownies and cookies! It was fantastic! Best of all.... last night we had pot pie and tonight mac and cheese!
Lovin' it!