Thursday, August 30, 2007

A connection like no other...

This connection between Shawn and Gavin is outstanding and unique. Gavin truly idolizes this man. Shawn claims it all began in the hospital when he was the first to hold him. But I think it's soooo much more than that.
If you know me, you know that I am the "school teacher" strict one and Shawn... not so much. He's a big softy who would let Gavin do anything he wants if it weren't for commonsense. He's the "fun guy". He does all the cool guy things.
As for me, I'm fine and dandy when dad's not here but as soon as he pulls in, he wants dad. Shawn is always telling me that I will love this when he's off with him at the hunting camp, playing sports, fishing or whatever. But I keep holding on, imagining him running through the door, lifting me up and swinging me around... all the time loving me!
Don't get me wrong, I love their connection. I guess I just want some for me too. But for now I will hold on to my dream of him and hope for the best. I know he needs me.

Monday, August 27, 2007

summer's bounty

Nothing says August around here like Shawn's good ole heirloom tomatoes! They really are his "Thing". He buys the seeds/plants. He plants the garden and maintains it (ie weeds!). He does it all! I like the idea of a garden and I love what it has to offer but if I'm being honest here.... I don't love to "garden".

I LOVE tomatoes! I love tomato soup, tomato sandwiches, tomato sauce etc. But really, how many tomatoes can I eat? They're everywhere! So, I am about to make sauce. Rustic sauce, meaning no seeding or peeling. Should be interesting.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

squeezing in summer

It is so close to "back to work" time that I felt overcome with the need to "sqeeze" in some summer fun! We kicked off the weekend with a wonderful retirement party for our dear friend Brenda! What a great time catching up and eating alot of GREAT food. Seriously, the best salads ever!

Saturday, we got up, bright and early, and headed to Westport for a dog trial. Yeah... not really my thing but it was fun for Shawn and Gavin. We watched dogs fetch...yup, that's it! Shawn connected with a few people about our beloved Faith and her potential in the dog trial world. It wasn't all about the dogs. Naturally, we had lunch in the town and shopped a little. Village Green has the most reasonable book prices for kids. Love it!!

Today, Shawn worked from 4am to 9am! Soooo... we still ventured out but I drove and he napped. We went to the Bowmanville Zoo and I think I forgot how great it is to see things through a 3 year old's eyes. Gavin loved the animals, the rides, the food, the park....everything! He was so happy. Then we stopped at the "Big Apple". Never been there but Gavin always comments on it when we go by on the 401. He went on a few rides and then we left with a fresh apple pie!

So... we are exhausted but it feels like we did alot and successfully squeezed in some more summer!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Ladies After Work. That's who we are. Around 4? years ago we emerged as "six girls in a hottub" but were later named LAW.... ladies after work. We've been getting together once a month for years. We each host a dinner and we've even moved into weekends away. Who would have thought we'd continue this even when we were split into different schools? We somehow manage to find one night a month to get together and laugh, drink and eat. Some of our conversations are just plain crazy! We share secrets and moments that leave others on the "outside" of our group. We are dynamic and our ages range from 30's into 50's. All of us are at different stages of life. New relationships, new babies, retirement parties and even puppies distinguish us from one another. We are so different and so the same. These girls make me happy. So, we have recently found another tradition to add to the group. We go camping. Well, some of us camp and others join us for dinner... beachside. This one is a little different than the others.... husbands, kids and dogs allowed! The talk a little more tame but the memories were still priceless.

Monday, August 20, 2007

summer reading

As summer winds down I am counting up the books I've read. Usually, I am quite pleased with the number of great books I enjoyed over the summer holidays. This year, with my course taking up a whole month, I am kinda disappointed. But the books I did read were super-dooper!
Here's what I've been reading lately:

Harry Potter- The Deathly Hallows
I read this one in record time. Couldn't put it down... LOVED it!
I sorted myself, one more time, and here's my results... Hufflepuff! HA!

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

Middlesex (Oprah's latest)
I recently passed this one on and so I can't remember the author.... sorry.
One of the best I've ever read!!! Different but oh so good.

With All Due Respect- Ron Moorish
Mostly about discipline and kids (school setting) but good reminders for parents too! An easy read and has helped to change my thinking in this area.

Hey Nostradamus!- Douglas Copeland
This one Shawn read and gave me to read. Written in four different perspectives. Centred around a school massacre and how it affected each person. Cynical. Sad but still good.

Simple Scrapbooks, Scrapbooks Etc., Creating Keepsakes
Really, any scrapbooking magazine or book I can get my hands on is fair game. LOVE them.

Still to be read... before September 4th....

The Literacy Coach's Desk Reference- Cathy Toll
Seems like an easy read. Not sure I'll love it like her first but it was a "gift"... I'll give it a whirl.

Guiding Writers- Lori Ockzus
Looks amazing... can't wait to get into this one!

Anyone read a good book they'd like to refer?

back to reality

Another crazy Havelock weekend has come and gone. We survived the rain, the cold, the drinking and the wild company! I forgot my camera. Can you believe that? So I am totally dependent on Dena for pictures. We saw so many great singers.... faves were Paul Brandt, Leanne Rimes, George Canyon, Jo Dee Messina and The Tennessee Three. Good times. We met some really cool people across from our trailer and they "entertained" us for hours. They have a horse ranch up near London and they've invited us to a BBQ in September. Nice people. I laughed so hard at Wayne that my cheeks hurt the next day. The weekend would have been a success but they really kicked it up a notch for us! So a day of rest is in order. But first, here's to Denise, Wayne, "Cousin" Terry and James for the good times, lots of laughs and yummy food! Yeehaw... this "make-believe" cowgirl is hanging her hat and tucking away the boots for another year... or until the big shin-dig anyway. Let's "hook onto it" another time!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

August Already

So my course has come and gone and now I'm left with this overwhelming need to squeeze in summer holidays in one month. August- nice and all but way too close to September for my liking. I want the days to be long and the nights to be warm... just a little longer. I still have soooo much left to do. I want to take Gavin to the new splashpad, have a beach day, go to a zoo, go for a hike.... and the list goes on. And yet here I sit... blogging. Must get into gear and enjoy all that today has to offer!
I did this layout a while back and I just loved the colours. It's one of my new faves. Mom and Dad won't be living at Varty lake much longer. They sold the cottage and they're moving! Payton and Gavin had a great time just kicking around the water and having some fun. Those were good times!

Monday, August 6, 2007


While we were at the cottage this year Erin introduced us to the easiest way to make s'mores! What a great idea! She took two chocolate covered digestive cookies and put a roasted marshmallow inside! Delicious! Thanks for the yummy treats and great memories Erin!

Lovin' a Lazy Day!!!

I am lovin' the long weekend!
Since we've been back from the cottage we've been busy visiting, drinking, having campfires and eating....LOTS! It's been great. But I do love a day like today. We have a clean house. We are all cuddled up in the basement... watching Open Season and playing a little poker. Sure, it's nice outside but we are just having a lazy day with no where to go and nothing to do. Love it! We even have leftovers from the BBQ we had yesterday. Gotta love summer salads. I swear Monica makes the best broccoli salad! Thank you Monica. I will cherish every bite and love that I don't have to make a thing! Woohoo!