Thursday, February 28, 2008

One week today....

We will be on our way... one week from today!
We will be heading to Montreal, with our bags packed, ready for sunshine and warmth!
I CANNOT wait. I am in serious need of a holiday- away with nothing to do but have fun and relax. I am so excited to swim and play with my boys in the ocean!!!!! There is sooo much to think about- things coming up, deadlines, presentations etc... that all I want to do is put it all aside and just BE. Tonight, I want to dream about the beach and the yummy food we will eat... not about work. Tonight I will begin to unwind and get into my vacation mode. I guess I better think about packing huh?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

HIP Happy

I know I haven't posted in a while but can I just say how "HIP" happy I am today!!!!
That's right.. recovering from the HIP concert last night in KTown! OH how I love a good concert! It was amazing! Photos and details to come soon!
For now.... just trying to come back down and get ready for Monday...ugh!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Growing in favour

Not that it's a competition BUT.. I have noticed that a certain little someone is starting to "like" me a little more these days. He's been asking for me to take him to bed, me to snuggle him, me to give him kisses! Such a sweetie! I know Shawn appreciates the "break" as he starts to rely on me a little more. I have to say... it makes me feel soooo good that he is "needing" me just a little more.
I hold to it.. one day he will pick me up and swing me around, all happy to be home with mama and her wonderful home-cooking! Well.. it could be just a fantasy but I'm holding on to it just a little longer.

Note to self: Last night, when told it was time for bed, he stomped his little foot and told me that I ruined his life! Oh the drama! If that's all he has for me... then I'll take it!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Hearts Day!

Today Gavin and I are home.... icky weather again! We are just hanging out. Playing.
He's been such a little crafter lately. Whenever I go into my scraproom he follows close behind wanting all my scraps. He's been making a ton of valentines! He LOVES valentine's day. Anyhoo.... today he wanted to give me a valentine. I told him that today is not Valentine's Day and that he should save it for next week. Clever as he is, he said "No Mom. Today is Happy Hearts Day! Not Valentine's Day!" So smart! LOVE that he is so smart... makes up for all the sassiness!

Yesterday Gavin was up beside me in the bathroom. I was trying to get ready and he was wanting to shave, floss, brush... anything out of the top drawer. Suddenly he says to me, "Did you drop your ipod?" I repeated what he had said and questioned why he was asking this at this time. He was getting so frustrated and proceeded to point to his eye while saying, "You know. Your eye pod!" Suddenly, it became very clear.
"Do you mean my contact?"
"Yah! Your contact!" (thinking hard)
"What's an ipod?"
So I told him all about the ipod. He's probably heard Shawn and I talking. We both LOVE our ipods and use them daily for listening to music, podcasts, news, anything really. Anyhooo... I love this story. He is just too smart for his own good.
LOVE that!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

"Is Forever Enough...?"

Remember yesterday? I told you to watch for it. That song just gets me all worked up. Love it! Lullaby. What a great way to bring me back down to reality. Forces me to think about what's really imporatant.
So here it is. My layout... inspired by Lullaby.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sentimental Saturday

I'm having one of those days. You know... the kind where almost anything moves you to tears. Lots of happiness but just sentimental. I'm watching my boys outside on the four-wheeler, playing in the snow... just loving them to the brim. Music does this to me. I'm listening to Dixie Chicks and that song Lullaby....gets me everytime. I think it is so beautiful. Ahh... the inspiration for yet another layout.... "Is forever enough?" Wait for it! Maybe not today but soon.
I'm never ever giving you up.

Friday, February 1, 2008


I did this layout in response to the One Little Word Challenge.
Thanks for the inspiration baby Evan!


I love the way this picture of Faith turned out! I'm loving the contrast of her blackness and all that white space around her...snow!

yep... still scrappin'

happy day

Snow Stash

Snow Day Scrappin'

Ahhh.. don't ya just love the feeling of being home with nowhere to go and nothing to do? I LOVE a good snow day. Not just a little skiff of snow that you could still go out but a big whopping snow fall... mixed with ice doesn't hurt! This kind of snow day forces us to stay in all snug and warm. Gavin naps. I scrap! Gotta love it!