Monday, January 28, 2008

My Little Superhero

I've said it a hundred times but this kid totally cracks me up!
Sue.. our most wonderful caregiver... asked him one day what he most loved doing with me. His reply.... crafts! Too cute. He has a subscription to a Disney magazine and he loves cutting and pasting and colouring all the fun activities inside. He will pull up a spot next to me in my scraproom and work away. On this particular day he cut out a mask and daddy fixed a nice piece of string on it so he could wear it around. This provided hours of entertainment and some pretty cute photos!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fresh Air & Exercise... Just What the Doctor Ordered!

I'm so tired of being sick. This cold has been hanging on forever! I never really seem to feel 100%. Today I knew that I couldn't sit around and hope to feel better but that I actually needed to get out and do what I know to be healthy and good for us. We packed up Faith... she was so excited! We packed up Gavin.... he was so excited! We headed out to Goodrich Loomis conservation area... about 10 minutes from home.

It's so beautiful there. I just love the kind of weather we had today. Fresh. Crisp. Still. Light snow falling. It's the perfect kind of day for a hike. We just walked along in a nice quiet way... well, as quiet as possible with Gavin yelling at me..."Hey Mom. Watch this. Do you think this is funny?", every two seconds!

That kind of quiet is the kind where you can really take some time and just think about stuff. Shawn walked ahead pulling Gavin in the toboggan and I walked close behind with Faith. I took a lot of deep breaths, hoping at some point that all the fresh air would free me from this cough. It may not have cured my cough but it did force to take some time for me and relax my mind. I just felt so calm and peaceful walking through the woods. I needed that.

Now we're home. Shawn's napping on the couch. Gavin's watching Ratatouille... again and I am getting ready to prepare a yummy supper. We are having salmon with lemon & herb spinach salad and green beans. Delicious! Now for a glass of wine and a toast to a healthy day.... in hopes of a healthy body!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cashmere Mafia... the new Sex and the City?

Everyone who knows me knows that I do love my shows! Over the past few years it seems that many of my faves have ended. It was hard to lose "friends", "Will & Grace", "Sopranos" & "Sex and the City". Devastating.. if I'm being honest. But.... I think I've found a few goodies this year. I hope they last.

Anyone else watching "Cashmere Mafia"? I love this new show! It's from the same writers of "Sex & the City", with many similarities but different. I love the all girl cast... struggling to manage career and life at home. This sounds vaguely familiar... to just about everyone! We may not be big city executives but really, working full-time and coming home to even one child is hard work. It's a challenge to fit everything in and deal with the guilt of it all. I don't know if it's an only child thing but Gavin requires a great deal of attention. Usually, he wants Dad but still.... he wants non-stop! I still make dinner, do laundry, read stories, clean etc. etc. and on top of it all... I have a take-home job. Don't get me wrong... loving life and all but just thinking... it can be pretty hard on me at times. I think that's why I'm sick, again... just plain run-down.

Anyhooo.... I love this show.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Did I happen to mention....

that we will soon be aboard something called....hmmmmm.... THE MAGIC!!!!!

Gentlemen....Start your engines!

This racetrack was a favourite growing up in my house. The track was big and I can still picture my Dad and Derek, on the floor, racing! The cars would whizzz and hum around the track... sparks flying! Sometimes the cars would bump and fly off the track.
Gavin is car crazy! This track was a gift from Uncle Derek and boy does he love it! He especially loves "the chase". He gets a certain thrill from chasing the other car and hoping they collide and crash!
This racetrack... a definite classic!
Thanks Uncle Derek & Payton... for the memories of long ago and the memories we are bound to create!

Monday, January 14, 2008

This is what I deal with daily....

Seriously! I ask you. Can you believe this kid?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas in Wooler

Yeah.. I'm still talking Christmas. Trying to get all caught up.
Christmas is Wooler usually takes place in December but this year we waited until the new year. Change is good and this year I really noticed the change. Normally, we eat, drink and play a game or two. This year we ate, drank and managed our crazy kids. Don't get me wrong... I love the craziness that these kids have brought to our gathering. Really.... who doesn't love the tractors roaring, the yelling, the revving of car engines and so on? We still managed a low key game of scrabble... once the kids were sleeping.

But truthfully, it leaves me longing. Wishing that they lived closer. Wishing that we could gather for coffee and let the kids run amuck on a Saturday morning. Wishing that when I need a girlfriend to talk to that they were only minutes away. Instead, we wait until the catch-up day.

Highlights of the evening:
*Gavin stabbing Susanne's face with a fondue fork (not my favourite and not his)
*holding that sweet baby Evan
*watching Erin dominate Scrabble... she's the ultimate gamer!
*watching poker...ha ha NOT!
*eating yummy treats
*drinking full glasses of red wine
*having a chocolate fondue
*hearing Lloyd remark how torturous the drive to Wooler is... again:)
*watching all of our children play and create memories for us!
*Susanne getting Gavin's Lightning McQueen car caught in her hair (blurry but still worth the laugh)

It's a great tradition!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Boxing Day

Greg and Allan were the hosts of the Windsor Family Christmas. Their home is so full of character. It has a warmth that could only come from their hardwork and unique taste. Having said that, the evening was far from holding a serious note! Kids ran amuck, yelling and chasing each other... until Allan showed his best "teacher voice". Rhiana blasted through the speakers. Gavin conducted the best ever photo shoot. And we just got to be together one more year. How lucky we are.

More Holiday Photos!

Highlights of the Holidays

So... I realize that this is going to be one long post to upload but because I am feeling the anxiety of returning to work tomorrow, I think I should attempt to fill you all in on our holidays.

It's been quite an adventure with Gavin this year. This is the first year that Gavin has really shown uncontrollable excitement with all of the festivities! He has literally, been bouncing off the walls with all the presents, family, friends and fun!

Gavin got exactly what he wanted from Santa. A new camera! He has been clicking that thing like crazy! He wore the batteries out in one day! It's funny the things a 3 year old will take pictures of... toys, tv, food! All the important things!

We have a new Christmas Eve tradition. The last two years we've crashed Auntie Liz and Martin's house. They have an annual eve party but we like to go in the daytime when they are in the midst of baking, cleaning etc. Gavin likes to eat non-stop while we are there and totally gets Auntie Liz to be on his beck and call. We visit Aunt Lydia too! She enjoys our company but I think Gavin may be a bit much for her. This time, she commented that I should return on my own sometime... too funny. Say it like it is Aunt Lydia. Never change.

Christmas Day we headed down to Grandma & Poppa's for the day! Uncle Derek & Payton came as well. We had such a great time watching the kids open their presents. Gavin was soooooo excited about all the new race cars and tracks that he got! He jumped into Poppa's arms hugging him so tightly! It was the best! Payton is getting so grown up. She got a guitar for Christmas and sad brooding like a rockstar for most of the time. We're crossing our fingers that she can play us a tune or two next Christmas. Preferably, "you better not pout" or "here comes Santa Claus"... as requested by Gavin.

Gavin's got Grandma wrapped around his finger. I know it's her job to spoil him but boy does she have her work cut out for her. The more she gives him the more he demands. He's quite bossy with her really. Oh well.. they are only little once, right? I think it's harder on us than on her.

Probably, the best gift ever, was the picture hanging tool that Shawn received from my parents. Too funny. That guy is pretty handy but when it comes to hanging a picture or THREE he gets a little grouchy! I think this may just do the trick. I'll let ya know!

Gavin got pretty silly over the holidays. Lots of sugar, lack of sleep and SANTA nearly put him over the edge. He loved all the company and all the picture taking. He made some pretty cute pictures turn pretty goofy!