Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cashmere Mafia... the new Sex and the City?

Everyone who knows me knows that I do love my shows! Over the past few years it seems that many of my faves have ended. It was hard to lose "friends", "Will & Grace", "Sopranos" & "Sex and the City". Devastating.. if I'm being honest. But.... I think I've found a few goodies this year. I hope they last.

Anyone else watching "Cashmere Mafia"? I love this new show! It's from the same writers of "Sex & the City", with many similarities but different. I love the all girl cast... struggling to manage career and life at home. This sounds vaguely familiar... to just about everyone! We may not be big city executives but really, working full-time and coming home to even one child is hard work. It's a challenge to fit everything in and deal with the guilt of it all. I don't know if it's an only child thing but Gavin requires a great deal of attention. Usually, he wants Dad but still.... he wants non-stop! I still make dinner, do laundry, read stories, clean etc. etc. and on top of it all... I have a take-home job. Don't get me wrong... loving life and all but just thinking... it can be pretty hard on me at times. I think that's why I'm sick, again... just plain run-down.

Anyhooo.... I love this show.

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The Birds said...

Love Cashmere Mafia too!! But did you know Lipstick Jungle is starting soon as well, and it is the same premise with the same writers from Sex and the City! Gotta love the smut!