Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Sweet Sunday

I so loved today! We got up and puttered around. I did a little school stuff. Gavin played Wii. Shawn worked outside in the trailer- winterizing. Then we headed into town to go see "Where the Wild Things Are". Gavin so loves this book and he listens to it on tape too! It's definitely one of my faves. So, when the previews started I absolutely loved them. The music, the scenes from the movie- the whole bit just evoked some sort of sentimental feeling inside me.

So, we were all so excited to see it. I'd heard it was pretty deep and had some darker moments. It is PG but I have to say, Gavin was a great age because he didn't understand, nor even realize the deeper stuff, but just enjoyed it on a purely entertaining level. Shawn and I were quite the opposite. Maybe it was our mood or I don't know but we both left feeling like that movie brought out a whole lot of emotions. It's quite emotional near the end- I don't want to give it away- but we were all quite teary eyed. Poor Gav was downright devastated. He gets pretty sensitive to that kind of stuff and he just couldn't hold it in- which made things even harder for us!

The way the movie is made, the characters, the soundtrack and the story all made this movie absolutely fabulous! Definitely provoked some good discussion in the car afterwards.

So then we were off to do some serious grocery shopping- still talking about the movie, of course. I love a good grocery trip. We were all really into it and bought lots of fun and yummy stuff. I get all happy when the refrigerator is all full and colourful. I love all the fresh fruits and vegetables. We cooked a delicious seafood dinner with trout, catfish and noodle wrapped shrimp, accompanied by pancetta vinagrette and brussel sprouts- oh and fresh multigrain italian bread. Did I mention the wine? Our new favourite- Sandbanks WAVES! Loved it.

Shawn & Gav carved the pumpkin tonight. It was super cute to see him drawing out all his designs prior to carving. We saved every seed- to roast, naturally!

Anyhoo, great Sunday night television. Relaxing on the couch. The only thing that might have made it a little better was the sound of good ole football game going in the background while baking up some pumpkin bread. Save it for next weekend!

Friday, October 16, 2009

What makes me smile...

It's been a few weeks but Gavin has discovered that he actually can read words in a real book. He's quite a little sight word reader! He found that level 1 readers had enough words in them that he could actually read and understand the book! He has a whole set of Hot Wheels books and he just loves the success he feels when he reads one of those to us!

It just happened. One Sunday afternoon, he just started finger tracking and reading! You can only imagine how proud his literacy lover of a mother was! He was pretty proud too! It was super cute to see his little grin when he realized what he had accomplished. Love that face!

So tonight, I snuggled him into bed with the ususal story routine and left him for his 10 minutes of "lights on", when he gets to read his books quietly in bed. After a few minutes he was at the top of the stairs, super excited! "Mom! Guess what Mom? I can read lots of words in level 2 books! I just read the new "UP!" book that Daddy bought me! Listen!" And that's when he started to read to me from the top of the stairs. I could've yelled to get back into bed but instead, I seized the moment! I called him downstairs, by the fire, with me.

He read the book to me! I almost cried. Again, he was so proud that I wish I could keep that look on his face for a lifetime. It made me smile. It's still making me smile.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Still the Rocker I Once Was...

And to prove that I'm still a rocker-girl... we're off to AC/DC in Buffalo this weekend! Seriously! Sadly, Gavin would absolutely LOVE to join us but no such luck. Not really a kid thing! He listens, sings and watches AC/DC almost daily. He has stickers, hats and dvd/cds. He just loves their music. He will often comment that dad's truck has rockstar music. Ya know the song..."dirty deeds"? Imagine Gavin singing this, "dirty deeds, thunderchief!". It's so darn cute because the words are "done dirt cheap" not "thunderchief"! Oh my! I laugh out loud everytime! So anyway, this weekend we will head out to prove that we can still rock! And rock we shall! I'll get the concert t-shirt to prove it! It is one of "the hundred" things every stylish girl must own!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Yep... can ya guess? That's right folks! Another DISNEY CRUISE is coming our way! Great deal really- couldn't resist! Kids travel free! It was a limited time offer to past cruisers and I could only book 2 rooms. So, we jumped on the deal! And by "we"... I mean, The Fillmore's too!
That's right! The story goes... on a last minute whim, Shawn asked DJ to come here to hunt! And they actually came! He came here for Thanksgiving and so did P and the kids! It was a fabulous fall weekend with lots of last minute plans! Winery tours, shopping at Lulu, pizza at Woodenheads and turkey dinner! Does it get any better? So, we got to talking about March Break and thought maybe we'd look into a few things together. So, we played travel agency for and finally came up with the cruise as the best option, by far! So, we are planning a third cruise and I couldn't be happier!

What's better than a Disney Cruise?

A Disney Cruise with great friends!
152 days to go!