Thursday, May 15, 2008

lovin' a long weekend!

Okay so here it is.. the official kick-off to summer! I can hardly wait! No, the weather looks drab but really, I cannot wait to put on some comfy clothes and just chill. I've got plenty of Bailey's for the coffee and a lasagna for the oven! I just want to relax and enjoy doing very little. I've got lots of fun crafty things for Gavin... some rain gear for some outside fun and fresh batteries for the Leapster... if all else fails. Of course, he will have Toria and Alisha to entertain him. This will be our first camping trip with the Vanslyke's new trailer.
Tomorrow is my Dad's birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! Gavin can hardly wait to give Poppa his gift! It's also Tracy's birthday! I have a little surprise for her too!
Anyhoo.. slowly, my head is beginning to surface. I've been crazy busy for so long that I don't know what I will do when my course is over, school is done and I actually have time to sleep. Oh how I need sleep. I'm sure once I do slow down that I will get sick or something. Well... it's Grey's for me and then off to bed!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

No Worries...

I know. I know. Some of you have been all worried about my neglectful behaviour toward my blog. No worries. I am still alive... just extremely busy. I used to think I was busy but now I really am busy. I go away to Peterborough every other weekend for my course and the off weekends are booked like crazy. Having a good time but seriously? This is crazy!
This weekend I went to Dirty Dancing with some girls! We shopped, we danced and we ate! What more could you ask for!? It was soooo fun! We had a great time and I got some really cute new clothes!
Today was Gavin's birthday party! It was great! We rented a bouncy tiger and the kids loved it! They had so much fun just running around outside playing! Gavin is in LOVE with CARS and boy did he score! He got tons of CARS stuff for his birthday. He was soooo exhausted that he went into his bedroom to play his new CARS leapster game and he fell asleep at 5:30! Poor guy. He looked so cute up there! I sit.. sipping a beer and relaxing! Ahhhhh...
Things are only to get busier but I sure do love these moments of sitting, sipping and relaxing!