Tuesday, July 17, 2007

First Fish

This was such a fun time. We spent the day at Gramma and Papa's house and Gavin went fishing in papa's boat! Our goal for the day was for Gavin to catch his first fish. Goal accomplished!
Gavin, Shawn and Papa went out in the boat for about 1 1/2 hours. When they got back he was thrilled that he had a "shiny" fish in the boat; his word for sunfish. Meanwhile mom and I sat on the shore and just relaxed in the sun... lovin' summertime!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was our 5th anniversary! Five years seems to have gone by so quickly. It seems hard to believe that five years ago we were in Italy having the times of our lives. Oh how I would love to plan another trip there soon! Maybe for our 10 year?

Five year anniversaries have wood as a traditional gift. I've tried to follow this each year and it is a challenge. However, I found a great gift for him this year. It's a wooden box with initials engraved. On the outside of the box it has the different card suits and inside there are two decks of cards and other stuff for the card playing addicts, like Shawn. But probably the best part is the musical card from Hallmark!! Have you seen these? http://www.hallmark.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/article%7C10001%7C10051%7C/HallmarkSite/OurProducts/CardsandStationery/SongCards/SONG_CARDS_HOME
This one is the cutest. It reads "The shortest distance to happiness is a straight line to you." and it plays "I Walk the Line" by Johnny Cash... one of his faves. Too cute.

But then there's my gift.... oh how I've dreamt of this bracelet since the first day I set eyes on it. The Pandora Charm Bracelet! http://www.pandora-jewelry.com/

I am loving this bracelet! This is what mine looks like.... so far. Hopefully, I'll receive many more charms to fill it up!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Beach Babes

Ahhh... there's nothing quite like babies on the beach! Sand in every nook and crannie but lovin' every minute of it! Jessica was sooooo adorable! She's such an easy baby and she loves to eat! We had a great day just playing and hanging out. I love that we all live close enough that we can have a beach day together, without too much driving. We should do this more often. Gavin loved having all the kids to play with. Thanks girls.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Mommy: Gavin, why don't you sit beside me (while I work on my course) and you read your new books?
Gavin: But I don't know how to read. Will you teach me?
Mommy: (gasp) (thinking- why is asking me this already... he's only 3!)
Mommy: okay, well... look at the picture and put your finger on the word. Then, say the name of the picture and that's the word!

And so, my little man went off and "read" for quite sometime. I had to capture this moment, when he first realized he could "read". Made my day but at the same time it broke my heart.
It just means he isn't going to be my little guy much longer. He's getter bigger and all I want to do is slow down time and enjoy him a little more as my baby. He's no baby. He's becoming quite the boy! Love him.

Friday, July 6, 2007

We're movin' up!

Wanna see what we bought? Go here http://www.1000islandsrv.com/mod.cfm?Page=inventory&IDrv=2554

Fun huh?

Next weekend... we're going here... http://www.loonscall.ca/campground.php

But in August, I think we may just head here... http://www.havelockjamboree.com/

Oh the places we can go!

Good Times

Last night a group of wonderful women from my work got together to say goodbye to a friend. On the way home I was thinking... do we realize how lucky we are to have one another? Sometimes we get under each other's skin but on the whole they're always around for advice or a laugh. When you think about it, we see each other everyday except weekends! That's crazy! Some days I wonder if I see them more often than my family. So, I just wanted to say thank you to these ladies for the good times.

Thank you Sonia for being such a great hostess, friend, secret keeper!
Natalie.... you're glowing- a beautiful pregnant woman, someone who keeps my feet on the ground.
Lisa... such a funny girl- full of energy and life (cute bathing suit:)
Kim... you do it all -I admire your ability to balance life!
Stacey... a willing listener- you've been good to me!
Pat... you are too funny- real, down to earth, someone who makes you feel "at home"
Sharon... when your eyes well up with tears, everytime you talk about your kids, it makes me want to be a better mother!
Carrie... you're probably the only one who will read this- you are such a great friend. I will miss the way you always have the most practical solutions, realistic advice and friendly ways of saying something to anyone. Sad as I am for you leaving, I know that what you are about to do means only that you are following your heart! That-a-girl! Go for it! Remember us and keep in touch!
Good times!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

fresh air needed

I really do LOVE the outdoors and especially summertime. I just really have so much to do inside that I'm a little happy that it is now thundering in the distance.

Really though, we went out for a bit, walked Faith around, played, picked wildflowers for a hilarious bouquet and came back in when the thunder started.

In the meantime, a travelling saleslady came by and sold me $200 worth of kids books. I can spend money without even leaving the house- scary!

Taking the plunge...

So here it is... a blog. I've finally given into the pressure to post all these random thoughts and ideas somewhere. I still don't know that I totally love the idea but certainly it will be interesting.
Who will read it anyway?
So, I've started my course.. crazy me. School has just ended and I 'm already onto something new. Like I didn't have enough to do.. now I'm blogging! Master procrastinator. That would have been a better name for this blog!
Livin' the Fantasy Life..... it's a Shawn thing! This is one of his little sayings that he likes to drop once in awhile. Usually when he's happy but sometimes it comes out a little sarcastic too!
Really though... it is quite the life.
Today, Gavin is plunked happily in front of the tv with puzzles, while mommy works on her course/blog. I love that the weather is cooperating with my plans... meaning that it is gray and icky. This takes all the pressure off of me. No pressure to swim, enjoy sunshine, run the roads... just having an indoor day! Love that!