Thursday, July 5, 2007

Taking the plunge...

So here it is... a blog. I've finally given into the pressure to post all these random thoughts and ideas somewhere. I still don't know that I totally love the idea but certainly it will be interesting.
Who will read it anyway?
So, I've started my course.. crazy me. School has just ended and I 'm already onto something new. Like I didn't have enough to do.. now I'm blogging! Master procrastinator. That would have been a better name for this blog!
Livin' the Fantasy Life..... it's a Shawn thing! This is one of his little sayings that he likes to drop once in awhile. Usually when he's happy but sometimes it comes out a little sarcastic too!
Really though... it is quite the life.
Today, Gavin is plunked happily in front of the tv with puzzles, while mommy works on her course/blog. I love that the weather is cooperating with my plans... meaning that it is gray and icky. This takes all the pressure off of me. No pressure to swim, enjoy sunshine, run the roads... just having an indoor day! Love that!

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