Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was our 5th anniversary! Five years seems to have gone by so quickly. It seems hard to believe that five years ago we were in Italy having the times of our lives. Oh how I would love to plan another trip there soon! Maybe for our 10 year?

Five year anniversaries have wood as a traditional gift. I've tried to follow this each year and it is a challenge. However, I found a great gift for him this year. It's a wooden box with initials engraved. On the outside of the box it has the different card suits and inside there are two decks of cards and other stuff for the card playing addicts, like Shawn. But probably the best part is the musical card from Hallmark!! Have you seen these?
This one is the cutest. It reads "The shortest distance to happiness is a straight line to you." and it plays "I Walk the Line" by Johnny Cash... one of his faves. Too cute.

But then there's my gift.... oh how I've dreamt of this bracelet since the first day I set eyes on it. The Pandora Charm Bracelet!

I am loving this bracelet! This is what mine looks like.... so far. Hopefully, I'll receive many more charms to fill it up!

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Carrie said...

Beautiful bracelet! Congrats!