Saturday, July 7, 2007

Mommy: Gavin, why don't you sit beside me (while I work on my course) and you read your new books?
Gavin: But I don't know how to read. Will you teach me?
Mommy: (gasp) (thinking- why is asking me this already... he's only 3!)
Mommy: okay, well... look at the picture and put your finger on the word. Then, say the name of the picture and that's the word!

And so, my little man went off and "read" for quite sometime. I had to capture this moment, when he first realized he could "read". Made my day but at the same time it broke my heart.
It just means he isn't going to be my little guy much longer. He's getter bigger and all I want to do is slow down time and enjoy him a little more as my baby. He's no baby. He's becoming quite the boy! Love him.

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wags said...

lyEnjoy every age and every stage. They all pass too quickly!
Erma Bombeck