Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mr. Nobody

If you have children that still watch Little Bear... you may have already heard about Mr. Nobody. We are totally emerged in Mr. Nobody talk. It seems that almost everything somehow relates to mr. nobody. The other day, Daddy set a plate out for mr. nobody to eat dinner with us. Today, Mrs. Nobody broke the gate... she's not allowed back...ha ha. Sometimes, mr. nobody puts garbage on the floor. Can you imagine? Who does that? Call it "only child" syndrome or just plain children and their imaginary friends, but whatever, it's pretty funny. Definitely keeps him entertained!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

today i procrastinate

The usual... I have reports due tomorrow and here I sit. I'm procrastinating. I do this. I find things to do that don't really need doing, whenever I have other things to do. So, I have reports due on Monday and sorting through Gavin's Christmas/Winter books is top priority. Maybe, I'll do all the laundry until there isn't a dirty sock left in the basket! Whatever, I find things to do without an issue.

Funny but I feel quite productive when I have something looming over me. Today, I taught Gavin how to use the tape/CD player so he could listen to books on tape. I also arranged all of the Christmas Decorations in the living room while drinking several cups of coffee. Oh... and I made croissants!

Things are looking up though. It used to be that I'd pull an all nighter to accomplish a task with a deadline. Now... I manage to complete things during the daylight hours... usually!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Today I putter. It's a funny thing but I love the feeling of not really doing anything in particular but just moving around doing stuff. Puttering. It's so relaxing and I always end up feeling like I did something. Today I putter. I do laundry. I organize scrap stuff. I check out my blogs. I drink coffee. I eat chocolate. I look at magazines. I put away fall decorations. I look at winter decorations. I make lists. I read. I just putter.

All the while, my boy sleeps. Thank goodness, really because he's been so sick and emotional all week. He needs his sleep. I need the quiet time. Dad needs the quiet time. And so.... I putter.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Prelit Bliss

So, know what showed up on my doorstep this week? A humongous box, weighing in at around 100 lbs. of PRELIT BLISS! That's right. We finally broke down and got an artificial tree! After years of decorating and then redecorating and decorating again... just to get it right... I'm done. This Christmas tree has been a dream for me. I saw a few last year and it took a bit of convincing but finally, Shawn gave into my wishes. Seriously, if it means less stress with the lights and less drinking on my part...ha ha... then why wouldn't you? It's a 9 foot, prelit with 1500 white lights.. no strategy needed.... BLISS I tell ya... BLISS! It met me at the base of the garage door. I could barely move it out of the way to pull the car in! It's all good. I can hardly wait to get it in and decorated! Bring on the holidays. I'm ready!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Through Gavin's Eyes

Hallowe'en is sooo not my favourite! I've never really loved it. Sure I like candy and all but dressing up is not my thing. I did for my bachelorette but have no intentions of doing it again.

Having said that, Hallowe'en has a new feel to it with Gavin getting older. I loved seeing his excitement grow over the month of October. We read books about Hallowe'en, coloured pictures about Hallowe'en and shopped for candy and a costume! I have to say, it was much more enjoyable for me with a three year old and seeing him in his costume.

He was so sweet in his little kangaroo costume. I'm not into the scary thing. A bit of a whimp I guess but a kangaroo suited me just fine. He was so funny hopping around, talking about his "joey".

We went to 5 houses, most of which were family members. He was very excited about the process of collecting candy but really couldn't care less if he ate much of it at all. He's funny like that. Now, I can help with this part... I love candy!

Nothing beats this part of motherhood. I love seeing everything through his eyes. It makes everything so wonderful, even Hallowe'en!

Monday, November 5, 2007

sooooo lucky!

I realize it's only been a day but in all honesty, I really do feel lucky! Shawn spoils me. He does so much with Gavin that when he's away I really notice the difference. I don't think I tell him enough just how much I appreciate all his help. He bathes, feeds, dresses, brushes teeth, reads stories, sings songs, makes breakfast and picks him up everyday! Really! What do I do? I know I'd do more if Gavin weren't such a daddy's boy. He chooses Shawn over me daily. That's hard for a dad to turn down. And really, he's only little once. Eventually, he won't need us to do those things for him.

But Shawn makes my life managable. He makes it possible for me to be fulfilled in my career and my homelife. He keeps me grounded and encourages me in everything I do. Sadly, I really don't let him know this nearly often enough when he is around. I get worked up over the little things that annoy me instead of all the wonderful things he does everyday.

When he gets home... I'm gonna let him know all of this and maybe even stick with it for a bit. We'll see.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Layouts inspired by Fall!

Sunday Morning Ramblings....

Well, it's that time again when Shawn heads off to the Hunting Camp to *pretend* hunt. I like to say that. I really don't know if he could shoot a deer but either way it makes me feel better. So, off he went... both Gavin and I clinging to his leg. I get especially sappy when he leaves me for a whole week. Partly, I am thinking of myself and partly, of missing him! I admit it. It's really hard when he's away. He is Gavin's best friend and boy does he miss him. Shawn does everything for that little boy... which makes me happy that I may get some time with him but I know how much busier I'll be without him to do the bath and get the breakfasts! Etiher way, a little time apart is always good and I know how much he and Faith will enjoy the camp. It's only a week... right?

This week we enjoyed two dates! Tuesday we saw Matthew Good at the Empire. It was such a great show! We just chilled and enjoyed the intensity of what Matt had to offer. He has such a unique sound and when he sings you really do feel it! It's intense but oddly funny at the same time.

Last night, we were out at Ashley & Justin's Jack and Jill. We had a good time just having a few drinks with family. It was pretty low key. But, Shawn did manage to win two raffle prizes, including a digital camera and a case of Red Bull. Too funny... all he really wanted was the ipod.... shhhhhh.... Santa. Things happen for a reason.

So, right now, Gavin and I sit at the table with playdoh everywhere and some good tunes playing in the background. Does it get any better for a Sunday morning? Oh and thank goodness for the extra hour. I love that feeling at 6am when you realize it's only 5 and you can keep sleeping! Woohoo!

Life is good.