Saturday, November 10, 2007

Prelit Bliss

So, know what showed up on my doorstep this week? A humongous box, weighing in at around 100 lbs. of PRELIT BLISS! That's right. We finally broke down and got an artificial tree! After years of decorating and then redecorating and decorating again... just to get it right... I'm done. This Christmas tree has been a dream for me. I saw a few last year and it took a bit of convincing but finally, Shawn gave into my wishes. Seriously, if it means less stress with the lights and less drinking on my part...ha ha... then why wouldn't you? It's a 9 foot, prelit with 1500 white lights.. no strategy needed.... BLISS I tell ya... BLISS! It met me at the base of the garage door. I could barely move it out of the way to pull the car in! It's all good. I can hardly wait to get it in and decorated! Bring on the holidays. I'm ready!

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