Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Through Gavin's Eyes

Hallowe'en is sooo not my favourite! I've never really loved it. Sure I like candy and all but dressing up is not my thing. I did for my bachelorette but have no intentions of doing it again.

Having said that, Hallowe'en has a new feel to it with Gavin getting older. I loved seeing his excitement grow over the month of October. We read books about Hallowe'en, coloured pictures about Hallowe'en and shopped for candy and a costume! I have to say, it was much more enjoyable for me with a three year old and seeing him in his costume.

He was so sweet in his little kangaroo costume. I'm not into the scary thing. A bit of a whimp I guess but a kangaroo suited me just fine. He was so funny hopping around, talking about his "joey".

We went to 5 houses, most of which were family members. He was very excited about the process of collecting candy but really couldn't care less if he ate much of it at all. He's funny like that. Now, I can help with this part... I love candy!

Nothing beats this part of motherhood. I love seeing everything through his eyes. It makes everything so wonderful, even Hallowe'en!

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