Sunday, November 25, 2007

today i procrastinate

The usual... I have reports due tomorrow and here I sit. I'm procrastinating. I do this. I find things to do that don't really need doing, whenever I have other things to do. So, I have reports due on Monday and sorting through Gavin's Christmas/Winter books is top priority. Maybe, I'll do all the laundry until there isn't a dirty sock left in the basket! Whatever, I find things to do without an issue.

Funny but I feel quite productive when I have something looming over me. Today, I taught Gavin how to use the tape/CD player so he could listen to books on tape. I also arranged all of the Christmas Decorations in the living room while drinking several cups of coffee. Oh... and I made croissants!

Things are looking up though. It used to be that I'd pull an all nighter to accomplish a task with a deadline. Now... I manage to complete things during the daylight hours... usually!

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