Monday, November 5, 2007

sooooo lucky!

I realize it's only been a day but in all honesty, I really do feel lucky! Shawn spoils me. He does so much with Gavin that when he's away I really notice the difference. I don't think I tell him enough just how much I appreciate all his help. He bathes, feeds, dresses, brushes teeth, reads stories, sings songs, makes breakfast and picks him up everyday! Really! What do I do? I know I'd do more if Gavin weren't such a daddy's boy. He chooses Shawn over me daily. That's hard for a dad to turn down. And really, he's only little once. Eventually, he won't need us to do those things for him.

But Shawn makes my life managable. He makes it possible for me to be fulfilled in my career and my homelife. He keeps me grounded and encourages me in everything I do. Sadly, I really don't let him know this nearly often enough when he is around. I get worked up over the little things that annoy me instead of all the wonderful things he does everyday.

When he gets home... I'm gonna let him know all of this and maybe even stick with it for a bit. We'll see.

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