Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday Morning Ramblings....

Well, it's that time again when Shawn heads off to the Hunting Camp to *pretend* hunt. I like to say that. I really don't know if he could shoot a deer but either way it makes me feel better. So, off he went... both Gavin and I clinging to his leg. I get especially sappy when he leaves me for a whole week. Partly, I am thinking of myself and partly, of missing him! I admit it. It's really hard when he's away. He is Gavin's best friend and boy does he miss him. Shawn does everything for that little boy... which makes me happy that I may get some time with him but I know how much busier I'll be without him to do the bath and get the breakfasts! Etiher way, a little time apart is always good and I know how much he and Faith will enjoy the camp. It's only a week... right?

This week we enjoyed two dates! Tuesday we saw Matthew Good at the Empire. It was such a great show! We just chilled and enjoyed the intensity of what Matt had to offer. He has such a unique sound and when he sings you really do feel it! It's intense but oddly funny at the same time.

Last night, we were out at Ashley & Justin's Jack and Jill. We had a good time just having a few drinks with family. It was pretty low key. But, Shawn did manage to win two raffle prizes, including a digital camera and a case of Red Bull. Too funny... all he really wanted was the ipod.... shhhhhh.... Santa. Things happen for a reason.

So, right now, Gavin and I sit at the table with playdoh everywhere and some good tunes playing in the background. Does it get any better for a Sunday morning? Oh and thank goodness for the extra hour. I love that feeling at 6am when you realize it's only 5 and you can keep sleeping! Woohoo!

Life is good.

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