Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Yep... can ya guess? That's right folks! Another DISNEY CRUISE is coming our way! Great deal really- couldn't resist! Kids travel free! It was a limited time offer to past cruisers and I could only book 2 rooms. So, we jumped on the deal! And by "we"... I mean, The Fillmore's too!
That's right! The story goes... on a last minute whim, Shawn asked DJ to come here to hunt! And they actually came! He came here for Thanksgiving and so did P and the kids! It was a fabulous fall weekend with lots of last minute plans! Winery tours, shopping at Lulu, pizza at Woodenheads and turkey dinner! Does it get any better? So, we got to talking about March Break and thought maybe we'd look into a few things together. So, we played travel agency for and finally came up with the cruise as the best option, by far! So, we are planning a third cruise and I couldn't be happier!

What's better than a Disney Cruise?

A Disney Cruise with great friends!
152 days to go!

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