Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Still the Rocker I Once Was...

And to prove that I'm still a rocker-girl... we're off to AC/DC in Buffalo this weekend! Seriously! Sadly, Gavin would absolutely LOVE to join us but no such luck. Not really a kid thing! He listens, sings and watches AC/DC almost daily. He has stickers, hats and dvd/cds. He just loves their music. He will often comment that dad's truck has rockstar music. Ya know the song..."dirty deeds"? Imagine Gavin singing this, "dirty deeds, thunderchief!". It's so darn cute because the words are "done dirt cheap" not "thunderchief"! Oh my! I laugh out loud everytime! So anyway, this weekend we will head out to prove that we can still rock! And rock we shall! I'll get the concert t-shirt to prove it! It is one of "the hundred" things every stylish girl must own!

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