Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas in Wooler

Yeah.. I'm still talking Christmas. Trying to get all caught up.
Christmas is Wooler usually takes place in December but this year we waited until the new year. Change is good and this year I really noticed the change. Normally, we eat, drink and play a game or two. This year we ate, drank and managed our crazy kids. Don't get me wrong... I love the craziness that these kids have brought to our gathering. Really.... who doesn't love the tractors roaring, the yelling, the revving of car engines and so on? We still managed a low key game of scrabble... once the kids were sleeping.

But truthfully, it leaves me longing. Wishing that they lived closer. Wishing that we could gather for coffee and let the kids run amuck on a Saturday morning. Wishing that when I need a girlfriend to talk to that they were only minutes away. Instead, we wait until the catch-up day.

Highlights of the evening:
*Gavin stabbing Susanne's face with a fondue fork (not my favourite and not his)
*holding that sweet baby Evan
*watching Erin dominate Scrabble... she's the ultimate gamer!
*watching poker...ha ha NOT!
*eating yummy treats
*drinking full glasses of red wine
*having a chocolate fondue
*hearing Lloyd remark how torturous the drive to Wooler is... again:)
*watching all of our children play and create memories for us!
*Susanne getting Gavin's Lightning McQueen car caught in her hair (blurry but still worth the laugh)

It's a great tradition!

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