Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Hearts Day!

Today Gavin and I are home.... icky weather again! We are just hanging out. Playing.
He's been such a little crafter lately. Whenever I go into my scraproom he follows close behind wanting all my scraps. He's been making a ton of valentines! He LOVES valentine's day. Anyhoo.... today he wanted to give me a valentine. I told him that today is not Valentine's Day and that he should save it for next week. Clever as he is, he said "No Mom. Today is Happy Hearts Day! Not Valentine's Day!" So smart! LOVE that he is so smart... makes up for all the sassiness!

Yesterday Gavin was up beside me in the bathroom. I was trying to get ready and he was wanting to shave, floss, brush... anything out of the top drawer. Suddenly he says to me, "Did you drop your ipod?" I repeated what he had said and questioned why he was asking this at this time. He was getting so frustrated and proceeded to point to his eye while saying, "You know. Your eye pod!" Suddenly, it became very clear.
"Do you mean my contact?"
"Yah! Your contact!" (thinking hard)
"What's an ipod?"
So I told him all about the ipod. He's probably heard Shawn and I talking. We both LOVE our ipods and use them daily for listening to music, podcasts, news, anything really. Anyhooo... I love this story. He is just too smart for his own good.
LOVE that!

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