Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Growing in favour

Not that it's a competition BUT.. I have noticed that a certain little someone is starting to "like" me a little more these days. He's been asking for me to take him to bed, me to snuggle him, me to give him kisses! Such a sweetie! I know Shawn appreciates the "break" as he starts to rely on me a little more. I have to say... it makes me feel soooo good that he is "needing" me just a little more.
I hold to it.. one day he will pick me up and swing me around, all happy to be home with mama and her wonderful home-cooking! Well.. it could be just a fantasy but I'm holding on to it just a little longer.

Note to self: Last night, when told it was time for bed, he stomped his little foot and told me that I ruined his life! Oh the drama! If that's all he has for me... then I'll take it!

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