Sunday, August 26, 2007

squeezing in summer

It is so close to "back to work" time that I felt overcome with the need to "sqeeze" in some summer fun! We kicked off the weekend with a wonderful retirement party for our dear friend Brenda! What a great time catching up and eating alot of GREAT food. Seriously, the best salads ever!

Saturday, we got up, bright and early, and headed to Westport for a dog trial. Yeah... not really my thing but it was fun for Shawn and Gavin. We watched dogs fetch...yup, that's it! Shawn connected with a few people about our beloved Faith and her potential in the dog trial world. It wasn't all about the dogs. Naturally, we had lunch in the town and shopped a little. Village Green has the most reasonable book prices for kids. Love it!!

Today, Shawn worked from 4am to 9am! Soooo... we still ventured out but I drove and he napped. We went to the Bowmanville Zoo and I think I forgot how great it is to see things through a 3 year old's eyes. Gavin loved the animals, the rides, the food, the park....everything! He was so happy. Then we stopped at the "Big Apple". Never been there but Gavin always comments on it when we go by on the 401. He went on a few rides and then we left with a fresh apple pie!

So... we are exhausted but it feels like we did alot and successfully squeezed in some more summer!!!

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