Thursday, August 23, 2007


Ladies After Work. That's who we are. Around 4? years ago we emerged as "six girls in a hottub" but were later named LAW.... ladies after work. We've been getting together once a month for years. We each host a dinner and we've even moved into weekends away. Who would have thought we'd continue this even when we were split into different schools? We somehow manage to find one night a month to get together and laugh, drink and eat. Some of our conversations are just plain crazy! We share secrets and moments that leave others on the "outside" of our group. We are dynamic and our ages range from 30's into 50's. All of us are at different stages of life. New relationships, new babies, retirement parties and even puppies distinguish us from one another. We are so different and so the same. These girls make me happy. So, we have recently found another tradition to add to the group. We go camping. Well, some of us camp and others join us for dinner... beachside. This one is a little different than the others.... husbands, kids and dogs allowed! The talk a little more tame but the memories were still priceless.

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