Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Star Wars, Mario Kart & Hot Wheels

This Christmas was one of the first that we've really noticed Gavin's interest at a peak. He wanted everything and asked lots of questions this year about Santa. It was really fun to see how excited and interested he was in the whole production.
He was so easy to buy for.... he wanted it all! He was mostly interested in anything Star Wars, Transformers, or Hot Wheels. However, Santa surprised him and brought our whole family a Wii! He didn't really know what a Wii was until he saw Mario Kart! He'd seen this game on a friend's DS and was super thrilled when he realized he had it now too! Needless to say, he's been loving that game ever since. I'm letting him video game binge while it's still the holidays. I figure next week, it's back to school and Sue's. So for this week, he plays Star Wars on his Leapster, Mario on the Wii and takes breaks to race a few Hot Wheels cars. It's a good life for a four year old boy!

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