Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Today I nest...

That's right. I am puttering and cleaning and getting organized.

I have cleaned the kitchen cupboards and reorganized the drawers. I purged many unused and unwanted items (about a gazillion sippy cups)! I organized all the small appliances into one area. I decided not to continue with "good" silverware and I've merged the good with the everyday! What's the point of "good"? If it's that good let's use it everyday too!

I puttered in the scrapping room. I'm feeling quite inspired these days but the mess of the room has held me back. Hopefully this new organized space will bring me a few good layouts one day soon!

I sorted through Gavin's playroom and compiled a bag of garbage, a bag to "share" and a bag to store...just in case. Some of those baby/toddler toys are too damn cute to share just yet!

I washed the slipcover for the couch downstairs and started a holiday puzzle, while doing so! (I love a good puzzle!)

I've organized some recipes in the hopes that I will get moving and actually bake something...ha!

I have croissants rising in the kitchen... ready to be baked for Christmas morning- a tradition!

And now... how about another coffee, a gingerbread white chocolate biscotti and a little puzzling!


Andrea said...

new layout looks great! Did you take the pictures at the side? They are fantastic!!
Merry Christmas!

Joanne said...

Merry Christmas, my long lost friend!!! I had to comment on this...I too love a good puzzle!! This is the only 2 week break in the course of the winter season that I have a chance to build one!! Happy Holidays!