Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Doctor, Doctor

Ahhh the funny things my son does! Right now, at this very moment I am his patient. I am covered up, bandaged and getting a needle in my cheek! Oh, now he's flashing a light into my eyes and apparently the "little ball" in my eye has fallen out and he needs a net to go catch it! Too funny I tell ya! This kid cracks me up. He does know how to listen for a heartbeat! I tell him he'll make one handsome doctor when he's big and he assures me he is already a big doctor! One final medical procedure... he's measuring me with a measuring tape. Prognosis... I'm too little! Sadly... I'm felling like he may be getting just too big, too quickly, for my liking. The doctor breaks all the rules... and kisses me goodnight!

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