Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gavin's Christmas List!

How cute is this? Sue had Santa come by to see the kids yesterday! Gavin was thrilled! He came home with so much energy and excitement! He couldn't wait to tell us all about his visit!

We asked him what Santa said and he said " ho, ho, ho"! He gave Gavin an orange... which was like the greatest thing at that moment! We asked what he told Santa he wanted for Christmas and he said a toy soldier, a camera, cars, and a music box with a ballerina and a prince inside??? What? Where did he get that idea? And just how do you find a music box that isn't pink? If you know of one.... please tell me!

Seriously... this kid is hilarious! He gets better every day. Just now, he delivered a drawing of a stocking, that he cut out also, so that I could put it on the mantle for Santa! So cute.

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