Thursday, December 6, 2007

A perfect night at home and some good 'ole Christmas anticipation of things to come

Does anything top this? I'm sitting at our big barn board coffee table with a stack of Christmas cards to write, presents to wrap, a big glass of merlot and some good ole Thursday night television! Really? Tell me. Does it get any better? Sure it would be nice if Shawn were home but this will do just fine. Did I mention that a roaring fire is keeping me warm and cozy? Ahhhh yes... I LOVE this time of year. The anticipation of Christmas holidays makes me giddy. Gavin too! He's still singing away in his bed!

There's always so many things to look forward to that I can barely wait for the next fun outing or gathering. This weekend we have our traditional Warkworth Santa Claus parade. It's a quaint, small town, nightime parade! We just love the feel in the village and the old fashioned style!

Saturday, we have a day of shopping. Gavin is spending the rest of the weekend with Grandma & Poppa while we go to my staff party. And we get to sleep in on Sunday! This never happens.

Seriously.... does it get better?

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