Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve

Does this sound like the best new year's or what?
So, first we will pack up kid and dog and head over to Tracy & Jason's for a sleepover! Then, we will eat, drink and be merry all night! We will play XBox like silly kids and race 'til our hearts content! The trash talk will be flying through a good game of golf! We will go sledding and enjoy the fresh new snow of 2008! Again, we will eat, drink and be merry! Did I already mention that? Ahhh... but best of all, the kids will run amuck and get crazy until we finally tuck them in and bid them goodnight for another year! We will toast to the new year and all the good things to come (like Disney Magic )!!! We will talk and laugh and be thankful for good friends!
Happy New Year everyone!

Edited: We had a blast! The kids danced and were silly loud! The snow was outrageous! I think it was best because we hadn't even counted on it! We went tobogganing for hours. Shawn and Jay provided taxi rides (aka 4-wheeler rides) up the hill.

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