Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Third times a charm!

I've managed to be pretty organized this time around. Two weeks ago I planned all the outfits that we each could wear. I laid out all the clothes on the bed and sorted, stacked and matched all the possible combinations. Then I accessorized! I captured each outfit on a master list, counted and tallied. So then all I had to do was put them into the suitcases and that's that! Add some shoes and some toiletries and some pirate gear and we are good to go!

So, it's our third Disney Cruise but we are even more excited than ever! This is going to be an entirely different experience because we have our wonderful friends The Fillmore Family joining us. Needless to say, we are so lucky to share this experience with friends. It's the best combination of family time, friend time and couple time!

Tomorrow we are heading to Detroit for a nite-cap before heading out Friday morning. I'm bursting with bliss. Not sure I will sleep a wink!

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