Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mad Love for Bahama Mamas

Each year, for like 6(?), we've been getting together for a Girls' Weekend! We've done the local bed & breakfast, the fabulous Toronto weekend (Leafs and all!), Niagara on the Lake, Ottawa, Sudbury, and then we decided to kick things up a notch and head SOUTH!

We're lucky. You see, Sue has perks. She works for WESTJET and we fly on her buddy passes, wherever they will take us. Sue is the ultimate planner. She takes care of us. She books flights, hotels and makes us snack-packs! God love her!

We've done the Bahamas, Dominican Republic and last year we did Cocoa Beach. Every year there are new memories and every year I am so grateful for good friends.

This year we headed back to the Bahamas for the long Family Day holiday weekend. Weather wasn't super hot but the shopping was fabulous and the straw market was an adventure. But we still managed to soak in some rays at the beach and by the pool. We lounged in the hot tub- playing the Survivor game. We met great friends like Tony + Jim from Little Rock, Arkansas! They were great company when we ventured out to Atlantis Marina for some shopping, casino and aquarium fun! But really... honestly and truly, it's just great to get away with friends. The sunshine is a bonus!

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