Sunday, March 28, 2010

bittersweet sunday

I've been kinda looking forward to this day so that I could finally stop saying, "last week at this time we were sitting on the balcony sipping a heineken" or " last week at this time we were eating delicious nachos at Bikini Beach, Orient Bay, St. Maarten" or " last week at this time we were with the best of friends and oh so happy"!!! Sad.

We keep looking at the pictures and thinking about just how lucky we are. We have great friends. We had so much fun. It's not easy to travel with others for so many days. We just kept squeezing in more day, one more opportunity to be together- right up to the final farewell moments in the Orlando airport. Gosh- that was hard. Gavin had been crying all morning; worried that we would miss them and then we finally catch up to the Fillmore's and I lost it! I was an emotional wreck. The thought of being apart again was heartbreaking!

But I've survived because I know it won't be that long until we can all be together again! Best part is... we're already thinking about next year!

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