Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year

It's a funny thing how we wait for the "new year" to come up with all the different things that we resolve to do- resolutions! It's like we need that fresh start feeling to begin. For instance, over the holidays I kept thinking, "I should do some pilates today." But then I always ended my thoughts with, "In the new year." What difference does it really make? Just another way for me to procrastinate. Speaking for myself, of course.

So, like many others, I've given a lot of thought to this upcoming year and all that it could hold- given the opportunity. I think I would like to keep it simple.

Drink more water. Like the cute little app on my ipod Touch says... good for the body, mind and soul. It keeps track of how much water I drink in a day. Not too much right now but I think I'd like to drink more. And not just Vitamin Water (LOVE!) but more plain old water. It can't hurt.

Do more pilates. I love the idea of doing more pilates but the actual doing gets complicated. When to do this? Morning? Night? Both have their issues but I know I need to do it. It certainly couldn't hurt either.

De-junk. It's a word that's been stolen from a friend. Not sure if it's even a word but it's a good word. No? Get rid of some stuff. Shawn always says, "Don't bring more stuff into the house unless you plan to get rid of stuff first." Kinda defeats the purpose but I am willing to try to de-junk. I want a comfy-chic home. You know, the kind with warmth but not all the clutter to go with it. Minimalist with some fun things scattered throughout. Is this possible? Gonna work on it.

That's it. I think three is a perfectly lovely number to work with. Keep it simple.

Now, off to do pilates- after the glass of wine and before the great Sunday night television starts!

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