Sunday, September 7, 2008

Retail Therapy

So, thank you for the thoughtful comments girls! I know... I know... he'll be fine. I'll be fine. Friday was great! His teacher is a wonderfully calm and sweet lady. He loved her from the start.
Then we were off to Gramma & Poppa's. He snuggled in for the night with a new XBox game (Lego Star Wars) and we went downtown to The KEG for supper! Mmmm.... nothing beats a steak and red wine to ease my nerves and settle my belly. We had a nice dinner on the patio. It was warm. The food was great! We were happy.
Saturday we woke up, at Gramma & Pop's, and went out shopping... bright and early! We hit Costco, Starbucks, LuLulemon, The Gap, Heel Boy, Urban Trade, Home Sense, and Kiddie Kobbler. We met Gavin to try on new shoes for school! He was so proud of his new stride-rite Slimers! Too cute! Shawn was in a shopping mood. He got lots of new clothes... finally. He looked so handsome in his new digs!
Lastly, we booked our second Disney cruise! It was a little more than we wanted to spend but who can resist after last year's fabulous time! We splurged! We were on such a retail high! It was fantastic!
And today. We filled a starship shopping cart with tons of food for back to school lunches. We puttered around the house. I cleaned out cupboards in the kitchen and the bathroom. We had birthday cake! Yes... it is Shawn's 45th birthday. I can't believe it! He is such a handsome man. I love him more with every new wrinkle... ha ha! But seriously, he looks great! It's been a wonderful weekend. Am I ready for Tuesday??? Probably not but it sure was great to take my mind of it for awhile and just eat, drink and shop!

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Lisa said...

Ooohhh, I'm envious! Steak and shopping, what a great combination! (ha ha) What a great way to end off your first week. I loved your other post about school - what terrific journalling for a page! ;)