Thursday, September 18, 2008


I read books about change all the time. I write about change. I work with some people who are resistant to change. I know change. I actually like change. But not this kind. That is... I enjoy and thrive on professional readings about change strategies and research. I do not enjoy my little boy changing. Seriously.

Everyone keeps telling me how much he's changed. Like it's a good thing? Sheesh...
I just want him to stay the same. No, not forever but a least until I can get used to this school stuff. But he just keeps changing on me. He's calmer. He's more independent. He's going down the BIG slide at school! He's interested in Pokemon... pure torture!

A good friend reminded me that our children seem all grown up and then you see them asleep and they look all little again. So, I cuddle him while he's sleeping. I turn the light on and look at him. I let him crawl into bed with me. I just love his sweet little face when he's sleeping.

Tonight I watched him play, chat and pick out new books at his school's Cornroast. There were kids everywhere! A great turn-out. And I wondered... does everyone feel like this? I saw a whole new "school" side to him and I admit, I liked it. He was so very proud of himself.
Even the principal knew him! Not so sure if that's a good thing or not!

So for now, I will attempt to accept and maybe even nurture this change I see. What choice do I have?

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