Thursday, September 11, 2008

First Day

So we did it! We got Gavin off to school on Tuesday. It tore my heart out. I thought maybe I could watch him get on the bus at Sue's. No such luck. He was so emotional that morning. By the time we got to Sue's I was a wreck... couldn't do it. I quickly kissed him and drove off. I parked further down the road trying to convince myself that it was okay and everything would be fine. Then, I decided to go to his school. I parked across the road, where I could watch him get off the bus. Funny thing... I saw a Hydro truck in the parking lot. I called Shawn.
Me: Hi. Where are you?
Shawn: At work, why?
Me: Are you in the parking lot?
Shawn: Yeah, where are you?
There we both were watching our boy. Me, sobbing. Shawn, a little misty. Either way, there were a sea of yellow raincoats floating around. Finally, the moment I needed... I saw him. He was lined up on the wall. So sweet. But still, it broke my heart.


Andrea said...

stop it already, I cry everytime I read your blog lately!!! Glad to hear it went well.

Lisa said...

Aw, I love this. Love the dialogue between you and Shawn - too funny and so sweet! Hope Gavin had a great day.