Sunday, July 20, 2008

Up North and Lovin' It~

I know I said I'd blog way more often but seriously... we have barely been home since the last day of school. Where have we been exactly? NORTH! You got it~! We left for Massey, Ont. to the Chutes Provincial Park for a few days and then on to Sault Ste. Marie and then Lake Superior Provincial Park. It was a trip to remember!
I changed my profile to highlight what a fantastic time we had with everyone but especially with the Fillmore's!

We met up with Erin and Paula (& the gang) at the Chutes. We had a great time just hanging out and sitting around the campfire. I must say, we also did a GI-normous hike up the "cup & saucer" on Manitoulin Island. It was quite an adventure and I will save the details for the photos at a later date. Really, my description probably wouldn't do it justice! It was crazy BIG and DEEP! But we did it!

After leaving the Chutes we headed to "the Soo" with the Fillmore family. Paula and I got groceries for like 5 hours and still managed to have very little when the trip was said and done. Gavin managed to smash his finger between a rock and a dinky car in that time.... traumatic, as you can imagine, if you know Gavin. We had a great time hanging out on the pontoon boat, touring Goulais River, the bay and eating fresh fish! We celebrated Canada Day there with wonderful fireworks, good food and some sweet drinks! Shawn and I agreed, it was easy to fall in love with their little neighbourhood and the life they lead. Good times.

After a couple days and much "dialing in" we headed to Agawa Bay in Lake Superior Park. What a beautiful drive! The lake is a spectacular sight! The Montreal River Hill is something to see and quite an adventure with a trailer! We stayed here for a week. I was a little concerned when we arrived. Not only did Gavin wake up with a screaming ear ache but it was like 7 degrees and raining. We were double hooded and really dialed in for a couple days. Sheesh... who knew July in the north could be soooooo chilly! However, it did get warmer and sunny! We dipped our toes in the lake... way too cold for swimming. We played on the beach- family baseball games, washer toss ( which I LOVE) and lots of cars and reading.

There are far too many wonderfully funny stories to tell. But really, the bottom line is... it left me longing to live closer to Paula. What a great time we had. Not to mention, the kids had a fantastic time together and DJ and Shawn had a canoe trip, fishing and lots of other entertainment!

Here's hoping they send us some great camera battery was dead and honestly, there isn't even a store with bread around! No camera was hard to take. I'm counting on you P!

Thanks for the great memories Fillmore family!

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