Monday, June 23, 2008

Finally breathing....

Seriously... can you believe it is the final week of school???? I am finally breathing with my head somewhat above water. It has been one CRAZY spring!!! I feel so relieved that my course is done, the interview is over, and I got the job that I worked so hard for. However, now the fun begins! I am so busy and my mind is racing with ideas, new insights and things to do. It's hard to imagine that I can accomplish everything I need to do before the start up of September!

I have been a terrible blogger and likely... many of you are not even reading this anymore. Sorry. It has been very hard for me to take the time to do this. I have really felt like I needed to put my time and energy into getting this job.

I am soooo excited about the possibilities of this fall. I am thoroughly looking forward to working with a new principal and learning as much as I can. This is going to be a busy but great year.

In the meantime... I want to enjoy all the camping excursions with my family, scrapbook again, and just chill at home! I have many new books to read and lots to do to keep me busy around the house. I am looking forward to being a homebody again!

I will be a better blogger. I have a lot to share... photos and stuff. I will be back soon! We are heading north until July 9th. Camping with friends in Lake Superior provincial park and Chutes provincial park should be a blast!!! I can hardly wait to set up camp with a mojito in hand!!!

Take care friends. And let's get reaquainted this summer! Ciao!

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