Thursday, January 29, 2009

This little guy...

This little guy is super sweet these days! I just love how kind and warm he's been lately. He tells me he loves me for no reason at all. LOVE that! He tells me to have a great day when I drop him off in the mornings. He snuggles in with me in the big chair and I LOVE that!

Since the holidays he's been sleeping in. I love going in and getting him up and he's all snuggled under the covers. I quietly tell him it's time to get up and he snuggles in even deeper... I can so relate to that feeling.

He loves me the most when I play LEGO Batman with him. We rented it for him last weekend and I have to admit I love playing it with him too! I like that he chooses me to play. He chooses Shawn for everything else but not Batman!

This little guy is one funny little dude. I am so grateful that he's mine.

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