Sunday, October 12, 2008

King sized Kung Fu

Just finished watching Kung Fu Panda in the hotel's king size bed! Oh how I love a king size bed. What were we thinking when we bought a queen?
Gavin is snuggled in his bed. Shawn has gone down to his poker tournament and I am loving relaxing and watching Amazing Race with a big glass of vino. This is my kind of long weekend! I love to stay home but boy, do I love this weekend. We have totally relaxed, shopped and today we visited two different zoos! Gavin had a blast! The weather has been fantastic!
Shawn bought a new GPS. It is so great to search for fun places to visit and to sit back and let the GPS do the navigating! Shawn says it saved our marriage! I loved using it to find places like TARGET! Too cool.
Gavin has been such a good boy. We got him 4 little action figures from Star Wars. We watched that movie, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, on Saturday night. He is loving everything Star Wars these days. Those 4 little action figures have kept him more than entertained. Love that.
And so, "the great escape" this weekend was well worth it! We have loved every minute!
We are grateful for this time together!


Marida said...

WOW!!! sounds amazing !!!! and you say you don't get out much!!

Lisa said...

ha ha, love part about the GPS! :)
Sounds like a fantastic getaway!

Andrea said...

Tony just got a new GPS too, and it takes us everywhere including the Tim Hortons around the block!