Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Great Escape....

The weekend is quickly approaching and both Shawn and I felt it would be a great weekend to getaway! I've been putting work first for many days/nights and our weekends are important to us. We want to take advantage of the beautiful fall colours and the LONG weekend!
Sure, we're thankful and all. We'd love to have a big Thanksgiving dinner but... our oven is broken and we really want to go away. Greg says we're always "running". So, for this weekend we decided to go here!
You got it! It's a resort and casino! I know what you're thinking. Gavin is far too young to gamble. True but never too young to shop, swim and lots of outdoor fun!
I've learned that our getaways are so much more fun if we take into account everyone's "needs". So, poker for Shawn. Shopping for me! And all the other stuff for Gavin! It's a good balance.
Monday... we will be thankful with my family. We will eat turkey and give thanks. And... could it get any better?? The weather looks fantastic!

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