Saturday, October 4, 2008

Just another day...

Woke up with the sound of Scooby-Doo.
Discussed plans for the day.
Debated about a visit to the zoo... not Shawn's favourite.
Decided on go-karts!
Played monster trucks in our bed with Gavin.
Read Wiley Goes to School.
Had oatmeal for breakfast.
Gavin played in uncle greg's dirt pile with Speedracer.
Visited with uncle greg... while he was building our new shed.
Gavin cried because his clothes "weren't cool enough".... honestly.
Had grande vanilla latte.
Drove to Kingston Family Fun World.
Raced in the go-carts.... let Shawn and Gavin win!
Played a round of mini-putt... let Shawn and Gavin win.
Ate lunch at McDonald's.
Shopped at COSTCO!
Gavin slept the whole way home... bliss.
Rocked out to ACDC.
Played Curious George games on
Did laundry... again.
Had wings and beer for supper:)
Ate leftover birthday carrot cake for dessert... thanks again Rob!
Received handmade card from Gavin with his version of the words...."love you mommy and thanks for taking me to ole' McDonalds"
Snuggled on couch with cozy warm fire.
Read blogs.
Gavin went to bed... reluctantly.
Gavin peeked around corner.
Told Gavin to get back into bed.
Gavin stomped back up the stairs.
I told him I love him.
I search for a good movie to watch.
Shawn joins me on the couch... poker game already in session!
Just another Saturday.

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wags said...

Should have stopped by and got your birthday present...