Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Friends who are family- Part 1

So the highlights of our summer holidays definitely include many, many days hanging with the Fillmore Family! Our first week of summer holidays had P + the kids staying with us (D was on business in Vancouver!). We swam in our pool, went to many different splashpads and went to a couple great beaches.

Taking the ferry back from my parent's house.
Hotel sleep-over on our way home from Ottawa!
Calypso Water Park!
This place is super fun and it was one hot day! We made the most of it and went on all the rides- yep, even P + me! A few hints if you're planning to attend: bring your own drinks + snacks (big line-ups), do not wait in the ice cream line, and watch out for the "lazy" river- not so lazy + actually, kinda crazy!! So worth the drive! There are tons of picnic areas and life jackets are everywhere! Good times for sure!

It was just the kick-off to our Fillmore Fun!

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