Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Reading List

So here it is... my summer reading list. Crazy to be so late but it really has been one busy summer so far. I love to read! It's a great way to get lost in the summertime. So here's the rundown... The Flying Troutman's is a great, easy read. The characters are so well written that you really do feel like you know them. It's kind of a dark comedy but good god I thought it was fantastic! That nights on air book was a gift from Shawn. Highly recommended by some but not a favourite of mine. The Thirteenth Tale was hard to get into after the Troutman's but oh my! What a great book! I could barely put it down. Very different but a great story. In the mix, I've been totally addicted to decorating magazines. I am loving these two because they are Canadian! The best for last- I bought 3 copies of this book- The Hundred! Two I bought for friends and one for myself. What a fabulous guide to all the stylish things one should own. Dangerous for a shopaholic like myself! I have loved flipping through this book time and time again. I might add, I even own a few of the items. LOVE this book! Finally, I am just beginning the newest Wally Lamb. This guy never lets me down and I am in need of at least one more great read before fall. I'll let ya know what I think but I'm counting on a sure thing!

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Lisa said...

woo hoo! I love a good reading list. Glad to see you're back in blog world. :)