Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just when I thought he had it all....

It's funny. I've always thought that I would NEVER spoil my child with unnecessaries. Whenever we have playdates with other kids I realize he doesn't have it "all" but still... he's a lucky boy. Sure, he has some fun stuff that are definitely not "must-haves" but just fun to have ( like the 5000 hot wheel cars)!

It's not really about the stuff but the life experiences that we really want him to have. You know, we want him to be able to hold his own. If someone wants him to play a game of road hockey... I want him to be able to hold the stick properly. If his class is going skating... please god let hime be able to skate. That kind of thing.

So, this week Gavin is at Golf camp. Yep, there are crazy young men out there willing to take 16 four year olds golfing. Scary. Yesterday was his first day. Shawn & I both went to drop him off and what do we see? Every stinking little golfer had his own clubs! Seriously! Naturally Gavin was horrified that he did not. He felt so out of place. Really. We were horrified too. So, (you know where this is going) we picked Gavin up. He had a great time and yes, we bought him his own clubs. Crazy. Spoiled. Wrong but we did it anyway.

We played a bit at home yesterday afternoon. It's quite something to see. We're hoping he'll like it enough that he & Shawn can go down to Murray Hills one day. We'll see but for now, he knows the tee, club and how to get wet in the golf course sprinklers! Lucky boy.

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