Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's happening....

My little baby boy is getting so old. He just seems older and it scares me to death! Tonight we went to buy his first pair of hockey skates and a helmet. He starts skating this upcoming Monday. He looked so cute in his little skates and helmet but it broke my heart. I thought about how wonderful this new stage will be but also how he'll never be my baby again. Cutest thing though... he kept talking about "jumping and jumping" when he gets on the ice. He said that's what Dora does. We replied... yes but hockey players don't jump. Bad...I know. Anyway, I just want more time. I just want more days of snuggles and songs and stories; more mornings of him climbing into bed with us. I just want more. Gotta go. I feel a need to go give him another kiss goodnight.

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