Monday, May 24, 2010

Hockey Fever

It's that time of year- hockey playoffs!
Shawn has been wanting a little hockey fan and it looks like he's finally got one. When Gavin started playing hockey this year he was reluctant and a little unsure of himself. One day on the way into the rink he asked, "Dad, what would happen if the rink burned down? Would we still go to hockey practice?". Yes Gavin. But then something happened- he loved it! He watches all the games with Daddy, plays daily at his caregiver's and at home, and he has a million hockey cards! It's crazy! He is so excited to start ball hockey next week. It's hockey fever around here!
So from the pictures you can see that they've also been to a playoff game! Gavin's first NHL game. Sadly, there weren't three tickets so mommy could go as well! But I'm just super happy that he got to go and experience it all. Daddy's pretty stoked too!

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