Monday, April 5, 2010

It wouldn't be a party without a sing-along!

It's an Easter party- Windsor style! Oh they sure do like a party and a sing-along just makes it all the better! Easter weekend was the most beautiful weekend we've seen this spring! It was warm and sunny and we stayed outside on the patio until midnight! Manny + Sam played guitar and the rest of the gang took up the singing and various instruments roles!
Gavin absolutely loved this party! He gets so excited to get together with our family. I'm sure all this singing and dancing has something to do with it! He was the only kid around for the party and it was great that everyone included him in the festivities. Although his requests for Kings of Leon, ACDC and Lady Gaga weren't met, we joked that eventually he'll learn "under the boardwalk", "mustang sally" and "love potion number 9". He's got to... someone has to carry on the traditional tunes!

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Krista said...

Hi Cassandra!
My mom passed along your most recent blog post and it warmed my heart! I miss being home for times like this so it was great to see some pictures and read your account of the evening - thank you!